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  • Image of Haunts by Laura Cherry
  • Image of Haunts by Laura Cherry
  • Image of Haunts by Laura Cherry
  • Image of Haunts by Laura Cherry

Haunts by Laura Cherry
ISBN: 978-0-9841928-3-0
Paperback, 73 pages
First Edition, 2010
$14.00 + s/h

From the back of the book:

Stefi Weisburd, author of The Wind-Up Gods, says:
At once caffeinated and considered, razor-sharp smart and unsentimentally sweet, Laura Cherry navigates urban landscapes, childbearing, stories of childhood and modest beginnings, finding resonance and beguiling surprises in the rhythms of ordinary life. Like the three year old in one of her poems, Cherry’s crisp language “rockets through the room firm and loud in [its] skin.” Haunts is moving, cathartic, gossipy, humorous, and always fascinating.

Stuart Dischell, author of Dig Safe, writes:

There is a fearlessness of spirit in Laura Cherry’s Haunts, her debut full-length collection—-a fearlessness of engaging the full round of life. There is both authority of voice and winning delivery in this fine book whose concerns are wide and truly felt. I love the rightness of the music of their expressiveness. Reader, get yourself a copy of Haunts and send one to a friend!

From Jennifer L. Knox, author of Days of Shame and Failure & The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway:

Some poets take a lot of time mucking up the surface of their poems, turning on the smoke machine, draping silk scarves over the lamps, etc. They don't want to be too clear. The poems in Haunts are crystal clear, but that doesn't help you see what's coming. Every turn is a surprise in this funny, wicked smart, tightly-crafted book. Laura Cherry makes me happy to be a poet.

From Adam Clay, author of A Hotel Lobby at the Edge of the World:

The "perfect symmetry" of the cars on a bridge — symmetry in Cherry's work occurs not in nature, but in human life. A flock of birds takes off "on schedule" and the speaker thinks of a "luminous plane." Cherry even has the gall to take on the odes (and the ghost) of John Keats. In each reading of this book, a new image or idea catches me. Each time I pick it up, I can't wait to find out what's next.

You can learn more about Laura Cherry at her website.

Laura Cherry's chapbook, What We Planted, was awarded the 2002 Philbrick Poetry Award by the Providence Athenaeum. She is author of a chapbook, Two White Beds , from Minerva Rising Press, and is co-editor of the anthology Poem, Revised (Marion Street Press). Her work has been published in journals including Asphodel, Argestes, Forklift: Ohio, Agenda, and The Vocabula Review. It has also appeared in the anthologies Present Tense (Calyx Press), and Vocabula Bound (Marion Street Press). She received an MFA from Warren Wilson College. She lives near Boston, where she works as a technical writer.